Support our real heroes on the home front! Help us produce an event for the wives and families of Sayeret Carmeli

We, the Sayeret Carmeli reservists (former Sayeret Golani), were called emergently to service on October 7th.
Since then, we’ve served around 200 days on the front lines in the north and then in Gaza.
Despite the hardships, we always left our families and jobs to serve with no hesitation.
Lately, our soldiers finished their mission in Gaza and returned home, until the next call…
Our families endure significant challenges and sacrifices while we are away. They manage households, care
for children, and cope with the constant worry for our safety. Their unwavering support enables us to
perform our duties with focus and dedication.
We need your support to hold an appreciation evening for our families who have given so much and asked for so little!

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Thank you for your important support of our soldiers and for the security of Israel!

🇮🇱!עם ישראל חי🇮🇱
The officers and soldiers of Sayeret Carmeli 🔰

* All donations are processed through the Golani Veterans and Friends Association, which is tax-deductible (Chapter 46)

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