The State of Israel finds itself in the midst of a difficult war forced upon it by an inhumane and ruthless terror organization

The Golani Brigade and all of its troops and commanders finds itself involved in every difficult battle, protecting its citizens in all territories since the dawn of this war. Thanks to the bravery of it’s soldiers many lives were saved. Unfortunately this bravery came with a cost, and Israel lost soldiers and commanders, the best of our sons and daughters. Despite this terrible pain, our fighting spirit is unwavering and the brigade is committed to strive on, and strike the terrorists until total victory, as it has done through every Israeli war

The Golani Foundation, with the help of hundreds of donors, supports the brave soldiers and commanders of the Golani brigade. The foundation is working intensively on acquiring resources and help the brigade however it may need. Alongside these efforts the foundation has and will continue to hug and accompany the families of fallen soldiers and work to honor their names for eternity. These days, all of us, bow our heads in remembrance of the fallen, wish a swift and successful recovery to those injured in battle, and pray that all kidnapped souls
return home safe and sound

Only together we will win! Golani is all of us

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